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Editing a Cross-reference

A programmer can edit the SET and KILL statements in a MUMPS cross-reference. The logic for other types of cross-reference cannot be edited. After selecting a cross-referenced field in the Cross Reference a Field option on the Utility Functions submenu, choose the Edit option and you will be prompted with the MUMPS cross-reference's current SET and KILL statements for editing. After you have edited the MUMPS cross-reference, you will be given the option of running the old kill logic and of cross-referencing existing data (that is, of running the set logic).

For all types of cross-references, you can describe the cross-reference in the DESCRIPTION field and enter a free text message in the NO-DELETION field. A message entered in the NO-DELETION field should be a don't-delete-me type of warning since the message entered is displayed under the type of cross-reference prompt presented to someone inquiring about deleting or attempting to delete the cross-reference. For example, PLEASE DON'T DELETE THIS would be a possible message.

The NO-DELETION field must be null before the cross-reference can be deleted.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007