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Advanced File Definition

Special Lookup Programs

At times you may need to write a lookup program to respond to unique characteristics of a file. The Edit File option on the Utility Functions submenu allows you to tell VA FileMan what this program is. The information is stored at ^DD(filenumber,0,"DIC"). The routine's name cannot begin with DI. These programs must respond to all the variables that ^DIC does (see the description of ^DIC for additional information). The calls to DO^DIC1, DQ^DICQ, and FILE^DICN may be quite useful to maintain FileMan compatibility. You can tell FileMan to ignore these special programs by including an I in DIC(0).

NOTE: Only the ^DIC call honors the special lookup routines. Those calls that allow the user to specify the indexes (IX^DIC and MIX^DIC1), and the Data Base Server calls (FIND^DIC, $$FIND1^DIC, and UPDATE^DIE) all ignore the Special Lookup Program.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007