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Certain types of data such as dates and numbers, should be formatted differently for display depending on the language of the end user. The VA FileMan LANGUAGE file has been designed to help solve this problem for users of interactive VA FileMan. The LANGUAGE file, File .85, stores M code used to perform language-specific conversions on such data. A system variable identifies to VA FileMan the language currently in use.

22.2VA FileMan includes over 500 entries in File .85. Included in the definitions of these languages are two- and three-letter codes, 'linguistic categories', and other information not actually used by FileMan code itself.

The LANGUAGE File is referenced by canned text in the DIALOG File (.84).   Any DIALOG may have a TRANSLATION for any LANGUAGE.

Use of the LANGUAGE File

A system variable, DUZ("LANG"), identifies to VA FileMan the language currently in use. This system variable is set equal to a number that corresponds to the ID NUMBER of an entry in the LANGUAGE file. It tells VA FileMan where to find the appropriate data conversion code from the LANGUAGE file at the time the code needs to be executed (for example, when printing a date). For users running Kernel V. 8.0 or later, this variable is set automatically during signon.

Reviewed/Updated: October 2016