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Auditing API

Auditing Introduction

Auditing allows VA FileMan users and programmers to look back through the dimension of time at prior values in any file. Auditing is not just a tool that enhances quality control and system security. It also allows the easy retrieval of 'old' values like "address", "maiden name," and so on. Also, for the purpose of synchronizing databases remote from one another, it is particularly valuable to be able to determine, via the audit trail, which entries in which files have been changed within a range of time.

VA FileMan provides a set of entry points so that you can include auditing functionality in your applications.

22.2Fileman now can do more than record changed data -- audits for added, modified, or deleted fields. Now it can also record access to a specific entry in a file.

For more information about Auditing, see the "Auditing" chapter of "VA FileMan Advanced User Manual."


Reviewed/Updated: October 2016