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Auditing API

TURNON^DIAUTL( ): Utility to enable auditing

This procedure turns on auditing for specified fields in a file (except for Computed and Word-Processing fields) if auditing is not already on.  These changes are recorded in the Data Dictionary audit, if the file has Data-Dictionary auditing turned on.  Also, input templates containing the changed fields are recompiled.

Input Parameters
FILE (Required) File number of a file which is being audited. 
FIELD (Required) Specifies which fields from the file will be forced on ("ALWAYS") for auditing.  Can be one of the following: 
  • A single field number.

  • A list of field numbers, separated by semicolons.

  • A range of field numbers, in the form M:N, where M and N are the end points of the inclusive range. All field numbers within this range will be audited.

  • * meaning, "audit all fields."

Turn on auditing for all fields in File #999000 (except for Word-Processing and Computed fields).

    >D TURNON^DIAUTL(999000,"*")


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007