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Browser API

Browser (DDBR) Introduction

The Browser displays ASCII text on a terminal which supports a scroll region. It enables a user to view text but not to edit it. The text can be in the form of a FileMan word processing field or sequential local or global array. The call allows the user to navigate within the document, displaying desired parts of the text. It enables the user to scroll up, down, right, left, to top or bottom, or to go directly to a line, column, or screen location within the document. The user can switch to another document instantaneously, find a string and select the search direction, or split the screen to view separate parts of two documents simultaneously.

FileMan provides a set of entry points so that you can include Browser functionality in your applications.

22.2The Fileman Browser now works without the device file and can be invoked from Fileman directly.

For more information about the Browser interface, see the "Browser" chapter of "VA FileMan Getting Started Manual."


Reviewed/Updated: October 2016