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Classic VA FileMan API

EN^DIB: User Controlled Editing

Invokes the Enter or Edit File Entries option of VA FileMan to edit records in a given file, allowing the user to select which fields to edit.

Input Variables

(Required) The global root of the file in the form ^GLOBAL( or ^GLOBAL(# or the number of the file.


(Optional) Allows the programmer control of the use of the up-arrow in an edit session. If this variable does not exist, unrestricted use of the up-arrow for jumping and exiting is allowed.

The variable may be set to one of the following:

"OUTOK" Allows exiting and prevents all jumping.
"BACK" Allows jumping back to a previously edited field and does not allow exiting.
"BACKOUTOK" Allows jumping back to a previously edited field and allows exiting.
"Other value" Prevents all jumping and does not allow exiting.

(Optional) Allows you to override the Delete Access on a file or subfile. Setting DIDEL equal to the number of the file before calling DIE allows the user to delete an entire entry from that file even if the user does not normally have the ability to delete. This variable does not override the DEL-nodes described in the "Global File Structure" chapter.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007