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This entry point is a reader for a YES/NO response. You must display the prompt yourself before calling YN^DICN. YN^DICN displays the question mark and the default response, reads and processes the response, and returns %.

Recommendation: Instead of using this entry point, it is suggested that you use the generalized reader ^DIR. ^DIR gives you greater flexibility in displaying prompts and help messages and also presents more information about the user's response.

Input Variables

Determines the default response as follows:

% = 0 (zero) No default
% = 1 YES
% = 2 NO
Output Variables

The processed user's response. It can be one of the following:

% = -1 The user entered an ^ (up-arrow).
% = 0 (zero) The user pressed the Enter/Return key when no default was presented OR the user entered a ? (question mark).
% = 1 The user entered a YES response.
% = 2 The user entered a NO response.

The actual text that the user entered.


Reviewed/Updated: March 8, 2007