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Classic VA FileMan API

Y^DIQ: Display

This entry point converts the internal form of any data element to its external form. It works for all FileMan data types, uses output transforms, and follows pointer trails to their final resolution. The equivalent Database Server call is $$EXTERNAL^DILFD.

Input Variables
Naked Global Reference

The naked global reference must be at the zero node of the data dictionary definition which describes the data [i.e., it must be at ^DD(File#,Field#,0)].

See the description of input variable C below for an example of setting the naked reference.


Set Y to the internal form of the value being converted. This is the data that you want to convert to external form.


Set C to the second piece of the zero node of the data dictionary which defines that element. Typically, the programmer would:

    S C=$P(^DD(file#,field#,0),U,2) 

and then:

    D Y^DIQ 

This set will correctly set the naked global reference as described above.

Output Variable

The external form of the value. Basically, Y is changed from internal to external.


Reviewed/Updated: March 8, 2007