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Classic VA FileMan API

EN^DIS: Search File Entries

You can call the Search File Entries option of VA FileMan for a given file when you want the user to be able to specify the search criteria. This is done by invoking EN^DIS. In addition to DT and DUZ, the program needs the following input variable:

Input Variable

(Required) The global root of the file in the form ^GLOBAL( or ^GLOBAL(#, or the number of the file.

If the search is allowed to run to completion, and if the search criteria have been stored in a template, then a list of the record numbers that meet the search criteria is stored in that same template.

NOTE: The same global array is used to store a list of record numbers saved in FileMan Inquire mode.


The 1 node indicates that the IEN list was created one of two ways:

  1. The user was in FileMan INQUIRE mode, selected a number of records, and saved the list in a template.

  2. The user ran the FileMan SEARCH, either through the interactive FileMan menu or through the programmer entry point EN^DIS. In this case, the IEN list is the group of record numbers that met the search criteria.

IEN is the internal entry number of a record in the file indicated by the fourth piece of the zero node of the template, ^DIBT(SORT_TEMPLATE#,0).

The list of record numbers stored in the template can be used as input to the print routine, EN1^DIP, to create further reports.


Reviewed/Updated: March 8, 2007