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Classic VA FileMan API

EN2^DIWF: Form Document

This entry point is used when the calling program knows both the document file and the entry within that file that contains the desired word -processing text to be used as a target document.

Input Variables

The global root at which the desired text is stored. Thus, in our example, if APPOINTMENT REMINDER is the third document in the Form Letter file (stored in ^DIZ(16001,) and the word processing field is stored in subscript 1, you can:

    S DIWF="^DIZ(16001,3,1,"

DIWF will then automatically use this entry and the user will not be asked to select the document file and which document in that file.


If the calling program wants to specify which file should be used as a source for generating output, the number of that file should appear in the variable DIWF(1). Otherwise, the user will be asked the "Print from what FILE:" question.

After this point, EN1^DIP is invoked. You can have the calling program set the usual BY, FR, and TO variables if you want to control the SORT sequence of the data file.

Output Variable

Y will be -1 if:

  • There is no data beneath the root passed in DIWF.

  • The file passed in DIWF(1) could not be found.


Reviewed/Updated: March 8, 2007