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DD^%DT: Internal to External Date

There are two ways to convert a date from internal to external format - this call and X ^DD("DD"). (This is the reverse of what %DT does.) This entry point takes an internal date in the variable Y and converts it to its external representation.

Example 1
>S Y=2690720.163 D DD^%DT W Y
JUL 20, 1969@1630

This results in Y being equal to JUL 20, 1969@16:30. (Single space before the 4-digit year.)

Input Variables

(Required) This contains the internal date to be converted. If this has five or six decimal places, seconds will automatically be returned.


(Optional) This forces seconds to be returned even if Y does not have that resolution. %DT must contain S for this to happen.

Output Variable

Y is returned as the external form of the date.

See also DT^DIO2, which takes an internal date in the variable Y and writes out its external form.


Reviewed/Updated: March 8, 2007