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%XY^%RCR: Array Moving

This entry point can be used to move arrays from one location to another. The location can be local or global.

After the call has completed, both arrays are defined. They are identically subscripted if the %Y array did not previously exist. If the array identified in %Y had existing elements, those elements will still exist after the call to %XY^%RCR. However, their values may have to be examined because an identically subscripted element in the %X array will replace the one in the %Y array, but an element which existed in the %Y array (but not in the %X array) will remain as it was.

Input Variables

The global or array root of an existing array. The descendents of %X will be moved.


The global or array root of the target array. It is best if this array does not exist before the call.


To move the local array X( to ^TMP($J, you would write:

>S %X="X(" S %Y="^TMP($J," D %XY^%RCR


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007