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Data Access Control (DAC)


The Data Access Control (DAC) utility, released with VA FileMan Patch DI*22.2*8, is based upon the XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) standard, an extension of XML. XACML assumes an attribute-based rule structure that can permit or deny a user access to a resource (e.g., a record in a file). It uses pre-defined target attribute values to match appropriate policies to the action being taken. Policies are made up of rules that can be combined as needed. This allows you to create simple or very complex access policies.

REF: For more information on the Data Access Control (DAC) utility and setting up policies, which must be in place before calling the $$CANDO^DIAC1 API, see the VA FileMan 22.2; Patch DI*22.2*8 Data Access Control (DAC) User Guide.

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