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Database Server (DBS) API

$$GET1^DID( ): Attribute Retriever

This extrinsic function retrieves a single attribute from a single file or field.

Input Parameters

(Required) File number.


Field number or name. (Required only when field attributes are being requested, otherwise this function assumes a file attribute is being requested)


(Optional) Flag to control processing:

Z Zero nodes on word processing attributes are included in the array subscripts.

(Required) A list of data dictionary attribute names separated by semicolons. Full attribute names must be used. To see a list of the FILE ATTRIBUTES that you can use, click here. To see a list of the FIELD ATTRIBUTES that can be used, click here.


Closed array reference where multi-lined attributes will be returned. (Required only when multi-line values are returned, such as word processing attributes like "DESCRIPTION")


(Optional) The name of a closed root reference that is used to pass error messages. If not passed, ^TMP("DIERR",$J) is used.


A successful call returns the attribute requested. This can either be set into a variable or written to the output device.


Example 1

    > S X=$$GET1^DID(999000,"","","DESCRIPTION","ARRAY","ERR") ZW @X
    ARRAY(1)=This is the description of the file (ZZZDLTEST).
    ARRAY(2)=And this is the second line of the description.

Example 2

    >W $$GET1^DID(999000,"","","GLOBAL NAME")

Example 3

    >W $$GET1^DID(999000,.01,"","LABEL")

Example 4

    >S X=$$GET1^DID(999000,.01,"Z","DESCRIPTION","ARRAY","ERR") ZW @X
    ARRAY(1,0)=This is the description of the .01 filed
    ARRAY(2,0)=in file 999000.

    >W X

Error Codes Returned
200 Parameter is invalid or missing.
202 Specified parameter in missing or invalid.
505 Ambiguous field.

Details and Features

This retriever call differentiates whether the request is for a file or a field by the second parameter. If the second parameter is null, the retriever assumes (since no field is passed) that a file attribute is desired. If the second parameter is not null, the retriever assumes a field attribute is requested.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007