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Database Server (DBS) API

 EN^DITP: Repointer

This procedure goes through all files that have fields or sub-fields pointing to a particular FileMan File.  It looks for pointers to particular entries in that File, and either re-points each entry to a different specified entry, or deletes such pointers.




Input Parameters

(Required) A file number.

LIST (Required) Array containing list of entries to be re-pointed or deleted.



Example 1

In this example, we want all pointers to entry `38 in File 9999999.14 to be re-pointed to entry `103.  `103 must exist.

>S GFT(1)="38^103"
>D EN^DITP(9999999.14,.GFT)

Example 2

In this example, we want all pointers to entries `38  and `666 in File 9999999.14 to be deleted.

>S GFT(1)="38^@",GFT(2)="666^@"
>D EN^DITP(9999999.14,.GFT)

Reviewed/Updated: August 2017