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Database Server (DBS) API

RECALL^DILFD( ): Recall Record Number

This procedure saves a record number for later retrieval using spacebar recall. While Classic FileMan has automatically performed this procedure for applications in the past, the FileMan DBS lookup calls cannot do so. The decision to perform this procedure can only be made by code that knows its context, that knows whether the selection taking place results from a user's selection or from some silent activity. In addition, FileMan often is inactive when a user selection occurs (such as when a user picks a single entry from a listbox managed by the application). For these reasons, the maintenance of the spacebar recall feature will increasingly be the responsibility of the applications.

Input Parameters

(Required) The file or subfile number.


(Required) The IENS that identifies the record selected.


(Required) The user number (i.e., DUZ) of the user who made the selection.

    >D RECALL^DILFD(19,"1,",9) W $G(DIERR) D ^%G
    Global ^DISV(9,"^DIC(19,")
    ^DISV(9,"^DIC(19,") = 1

Error Codes
202 An input parameter is missing or invalid.
205 The FILE and IENS represent different subfile levels.
401 File # does not exist.
402 The global root is missing or not valid.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007