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Database Server (DBS) API

$$ROOT^DILFD( ): File Root Resolver

This extrinsic function resolves the file root when passed file or subfile numbers. At the top level of the file $$ROOT returns the global name. When passing a subfile number, $$ROOT uses the IENS to build the root string.

Input Parameters

(Required) File number or subfile number.


(Required when passing subfile numbers) Standard IENS indicating internal entry number.


(Optional) If set to 1 (true), returns a closed root. The default is to return an open root.


(Optional) If set to 1 (true), processes an error message if error is encountered.


Example 1

    >S DIC=$$ROOT^DILFD(999000.07,"1,38,")
    >W DIC

Example 2

    >S DIC=$$ROOT^DILFD(999000)
    >W DIC

Example 3

    >S CROOT=$$ROOT^DILFD(999000,"",1)
    >W CROOT

Error Codes Returned
200 Invalid parameter
205 The File and IENS represent different subfile levels.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007