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Database Server (DBS) API

Cleaning Up the Output Arrays

When you make a DBS call and use the default arrays in the ^TMP global for output of help, user, and error messages, the DBS call kills off these arrays and their related variables at the start of the call. Therefore, you know that any data that exists after the call was generated by that call.

If you don't use the default arrays for output, however, and instead specify your own arrays for this information to be returned in, your arrays are not automatically killed at the start of a DBS call. So if there is any chance that these arrays might already exist, you should kill them yourself before making the DBS call.

After making a DBS call, if you used the default arrays in ^TMP for output of help, user, and error messages, you should delete these arrays before your application Quits. To do this, use the following call:


See the description of CLEAN^DILF later in this DBS section for details of its use.

If you are using your own arrays for output, however, you need to clean up your arrays yourself. You should still call CLEAN^DILF to kill off the variables related to these arrays, however.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007