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DIFROM Introduction

DIFROM is the mechanism that was used in the past to transfer software packages from one VA FileMan environment to another.

NOTE: DIFROM has been superceded by KIDS (Kernel Installation and Distribution System) for this function, starting with Kernel V. 8.0. DIFROM can still be used, for the time being, for the purpose of package export between FileMan systems where Kernel has not been installed.

Package transfer is a two-stage process. First, DIFROM is run on the source system. It is a nondestructive process that uses the ^UTILITY global to build data structures and store information about the package. Then, DIFROM creates init routines. Later, on the target system, the init routines are run to recreate each component of the package and put them into place according to the installer's instructions.

Another component of the package export process is the Package file. A PACKAGE file entry contains information about the components of a package. It also indicates how the installation will proceed on the target system. The PACKAGE file also has fields that document the package production and installation process. PACKAGE file entries can be created using the standard VA FileMan editing option.


Reviewed/Updated: October 2016