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VA FileMan Error Codes

VA FileMan Error Codes Introduction

Descriptions of the error codes returned by VA FileMan's DBS are contained in this section. When an error condition is recognized, an error code, the text of the error, and (when appropriate) one or more parameters are returned to the client application. The "How the DBS Communicates" section of the "Database Server" chapter describes in detail the array structure in which this information about the error is returned.

The following information is ordered by error code number. After the number is a brief DESCRIPTION of the condition that produced the error.

Then the TEXT of the error is shown. Within the text, information that is inserted into the message at the time it is created is represented by a parameter name surrounded by vertical bars (|). For example, in the text of message number 201, you see "|1|". Parameter 1 represents the variable name that is missing or invalid. When the message is created, the name of the variable causing the error is substituted into the text for the |1|.

After the text, the PARAMETERS associated with the error are listed. Each parameter is followed by a short description. The names of the parameters identify both the place within the text of a message into which they are inserted and the subscript in the PARAM array that identifies them. Some parameter names are constant in all appropriate error messages: FILE representing file number, FIELD representing field number, and IENS representing the IENS. If you need to identify in your application code the file, field, or entry that caused an error, check these subscripts of the PARAM array. Of course, if no parameters are listed, this indicates that there are none associated with the particular error condition.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007