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ScreenMan Form Editor

The Main Screen

Below is an example of the Form Editor's Main Screen.

The top portion of the Main Screen is the Work Area. Here you see field captions, as well as underscores representing data fields, for fields that are defined on the blocks of the current page. Each of these items is called a screen element. This area of the screen is the one that you control when you display information to the user on a form.

Example of the Main Form Editor Screen.

The bottom portion of the screen contains status information, such as the name and number of the file to which the form is attached, the name of the form, and the number and name of the page you are currently editing. The "Rn,Cn" at the lower right of the screen indicates the current row and column position of the cursor. When a user runs a form, this portion of the screen is occupied by ScreenMan's command area.

Exiting, Quitting, Saving, and Obtaining Help

You can exit from the Form Editor's Main Screen in one of two ways:

  1. Press <PF1>E to exit and save any changes you made to field captions, data lengths of fields, block names, and page, block, and field coordinates. These are the properties that are visible on the Form Editor screens.

  2. Press <PF1>Q to quit and discard the changes you made to those properties.

You can also save changes without leaving the Form Editor by pressing <PF1>S.

Pressing <PF1>H accesses the Form Editor's online help screens.

General Key Sequences
To Press
Exit and save changes <PF1>E
Quit without saving changes <PF1>Q
Save without exiting <PF1>S
Bring up help screens <PF1>H
Move to Block Viewer screen <PF1>V


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007