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ScreenMan Form Editor

Navigating on the Form Editor Screens

To move the cursor on the Main Screen and the Block Viewer Screen, you can use the key sequences listed below.

NOTE: You can move the cursor only within the boundaries of the current page, as determined by the page coordinate.

To move the cursor Press
Up one line <ARROW UP>
Down one line <ARROW DOWN>
Right one column <ARROW RIGHT>
Left one column <ARROW LEFT>
One field to the right <Tab> or S
One field to the left Q or A
Five columns to the right S
Five columns to the left A
Top of screen <PF1><ARROW UP>
Bottom of screen <PF1><ARROW DOWN>
Right edge of screen <PF1><ARROW RIGHT>
Left edge of screen <PF1><ARROW LEFT>


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007