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ScreenMan Form Editor

Going to Another Page

In the Form Editor, you work with one page at a time. The page with which you are currently working is indicated in the status area at the bottom portion of the screen. To go to another page, press <PF1>P. The Form Editor asks you to select another page on the form:

Example of Form Editor Dialogue: "Select PAGE: n".

Here you can enter ? (a single question mark) to get a list of the pages defined on the form. The page you select becomes the current page and the Form Editor displays the fields on that page in the Work Area of the Main Screen.

Shortcut keys also allow you to quickly change the current page. If the current page has a Next Page defined, you can press <PF1><PF1><ARROW DOWN> to go to the next page. Similarly, if the current page has a Previous Page defined, you can press <PF1><PF1><ARROW UP> to go to the previous page.

If one of the fields on the current page has a subpage associated with it, you can go to that subpage by first selecting the field (press <SpaceBar> or over the caption of that field) and then pressing <PF1>D. To close a subpage and return to the page underneath, press <PF1>C.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007