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Filegrams API

Filegrams Introduction

Filegrams are a feature in VA FileMan intended for use by system managers, package developers, and programmers.

A Filegram is a process that moves a record (also called an entry) from a file on one computer system to a duplicate file on another independent computer system. An independent computer system is defined as a system having its own database. Sending data from the "live" account at a medical center to the "test" account at the same medical center is an example of moving a Filegram locally. Sending data from a computer in the San Francisco Medical Center to a computer in the Salt Lake City Medical Center is an example of moving a Filegram remotely.

The Filegram process consists of the following three components:

  1. Filegram generator (the DIFGG routines)

  2. Filegram installer (the DIFG routines)

  3. FILEGRAM template (stored in the PRINT template file)

Although there is a set of options to work with Filegrams, you, as a programmer, will find that the only routines necessary to process a Filegram are the installer and the generator routines which are described in this chapter as ^DIFG and EN^DIFGG, respectively.

For more information about Filegrams, see the "Filegrams" chapter of "VA FileMan Advanced User Manual."


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007