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Browser API


This interactive procedure asks the user for file, word processing field, and entry, then displays the text using FileMan's Browser facility. The call allows the user to navigate within the document, displaying parts of the text.

The title bar contains the filename, entry or subentry name, and the fieldname.

The status bar at the bottom displays the leftmost column number, line, and screen number of the cursor location, as well as how to exit and to get help. Users can only access word processing fields in FileMan files to which they have Read access.


After selecting the desired file, field, and record, the word processing text is loaded into the Browser and the Browser screen is displayed on the monitor. The user can then view and navigate through the text.

Details and Features
Switch Function

Switch allows the user to view more than one document. When using the Switch (<PF1>S) function in the Browser to select other FileMan word processing fields, it is important to note that browsing is done directly on the actual record text.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007