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Global File Structure

INDEX File New/Updated with VA FileMan V. 22.0

Version 22 of VA FileMan introduces a new way to define an index (cross-reference) on a file. The option to 'Cross-Reference a File' within the 'Utilities' option will now ask whether the developer wishes to add/edit a Traditional index or a New-style index. Use of the INDEX file allows for design of more sophisticated indexes, including compound indexes (i.e., with more than one data field subscript), indexes where transforms are done on fields, indexes with computed subscripts, indexes whose normal collation sequence is backward, and indexes whose set/kill logic is executed once per record rather than once per field. These indexes can then be used by the FileMan code for such things as looking up a record on the file. The INDEX file stores all information describing the new indexes. Data is stored descendent from ^DD("IX"). The INDEX file is #.11 (stored in global ^DD("IX",). See also KEY File.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007