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Meta Data Dictionary (MDD)


The META DATA DICTIONARY (#.9) file is a summary of all the VA FileMan files within a Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) installation. It enables users to quickly identify where information is stored within files and fields throughout the VistA system.

The META DATA DICTIONARY (#.9) file contains the following fields:

META DATA DICTIONARY (#.9) File Sample Entry:
NUMBER: 21336                           NAME: NEW PERSON_NAME
  FIELD NUMBER: .01                     OBJECT NAME:
  LAST UPDATED: DEC 30,2015@08:02:19
 DESCRIPTION:   Answer must be 3-35 upper-case characters in length, and be in
 the format Family(Last),Given(First) Middle Suffix. Enter '??' for more help.  
  Enter only data that is actually part of the person's name. Do not include
 extra titles, identification, flags, local information, etc.  Enter the
 person's name in 'LAST,FIRST MIDDLE SUFFIX' format.  This value must be 3-35
 characters in length and may contain only uppercase alpha characters, spaces,
 apostrophes, hyphens and one comma.  All other characters and parenthetical
 text will be removed.  
BUILD(S) (c): XU*8.0*120
            : XU*8.0*135
            : XU*8.0*134
            : XU*8.0*551                TYPE (c): FREE TEXT


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