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Running DIFROM to Export Data (5 of 17)

Specifications for Exported Files

DIFROM next asks the developer whether any data dictionaries will be included with the init. The developer must answer YES in order to include either DDs or file data.

If the init is being built from a PACKAGE file entry, the developer is given the option to display online the information in the FILE multiple from the relevant PACKAGE file entry. If the FILE multiple has no entries or if the developer is building an init without the PACKAGE file, the developer is prompted for a list of files to be included in the init.

If the developer does not want to accept the PACKAGE file information as shown or if the init is being built on the fly, DIFROM allows the developer to enter or edit the FILE multiple's data. This data specifies how to include the files in the init and what installation options the installer will have at the time the init is run on the target system. The documentation describing the FILE multiple of the PACKAGE file details the questions the developer will see and the significance of the answers.

A developer can send only some of the fields from a file, that is, send a partial file. The FIELDS multiple contains a list of exported fields when a partial file is being exported. Normally, the .01 field of a file is automatically exported even if it is not specified in the FIELDS multiple. However, the developer has the option of sending or not sending the .01 field of File #200 (the NEW PERSON file). If a partial of File #200 is being sent and the package does not have Kernel's namespace (XU), the .01 field will be sent only if it is specified for export.

If the init is being built from a PACKAGE file entry, DIFROM next loops through each of the template multiples. It builds a list of the templates to be included in the init. There are multiples for INPUT, PRINT, SORT and SCREEN (FORM) templates. The developer uses these multiples to send templates that are not within the package's namespace.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007