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Running DIFROM to Export Data (11 of 17)

DIFROM Gathers Miscellaneous Package Components

At this point, the interactive part of building the init is complete. DIFROM now uses the information provided by the developer along with data stored in the Package file entry (if one exists) to build the init routines.

DIFROM first checks the developer's answers to the questions about sending OPTIONS, BULLETINS, KEYS, FUNCTIONS, and HELP FRAMES. For each one that the developer elected to send, DIFROM reads through entries in the associated file and picks up those entries in the package's namespace. For each one, DIFROM makes sure that the name is not included in one of the entries from the EXCLUDED NAME SPACE multiple. For example, if an OPTION's name is PRCZ TEST OPTION and the namespace of the init is PRC, the OPTION is a candidate for export. However, if PRCZ is entered in the EXCLUDED NAME SPACE multiple of the Package file entry, the OPTION is not sent. The data for each component to be included in the init routines is loaded into the ^UTILITY global.

Namespaced bulletins can be sent. However, data in the MAIL GROUP multiple, a pointer to the Mail Group file, is not sent. On the target system, the installer is reminded that mail groups may need to be added to bulletins.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007