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DIFROM Builds Routines Containing Security Access Codes

DIFROM creates a separate global array for storage of security Access Codes if the developer indicates that they should be sent with the package. Security codes are extracted from the data dictionaries and saved in another routine. The nodes containing security information such as write protection on a field are not in the same routine as the data definition of the field.

When the package is installed, the recipient is asked whether security codes should be updated. A positive response invokes a special program that puts the nodes containing security information back in the DD structures. For example:

    ^DIC(442,0)                is always installed
    ^DIC(442,0,"DD")="@"       is only installed upon user request

DIFROM sends most file security codes only if the developer has answered YES to the question about sending security. However, the following two kinds of field level security codes are always sent:


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007