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Running DIFROM to Export Data (15 of 17)

DIFROM Gathers Templates and Forms

Next, DIFROM puts INPUT, PRINT and SORT templates into ^UTILITY. It then puts FORMS (SCREEN TEMPLATES) into ^UTILITY along with any BLOCKS that are pointed-to by the FORMS being included. DIFROM uses the list compiled during the interactive dialog with the developer to select templates. Namespaced templates, with the exception of any in the EXCLUDED NAME SPACE multiple of the Package file entry, are always included. In addition, any templates in the template multiples are also included. If the init being built does not have a corresponding Package file entry and the developer asked to send ALL templates, all templates associated with the files being sent in the init are selected regardless of their namespace.

FILEGRAM and EXTRACT templates are sent along with the other entries in the PRINT template file. However, the templates used by the Export Tool (Selected Fields for Export and Export) are never included by DIFROM when a package's components are assembled. These templates must be created at the local site.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007