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Running an Init on Target System (12 of 16)

Installing Other Package Components

Next, the init brings in the remaining components built into the init. They are installed in the following order:

The init might contain some or all of these components. They consist of entries that are placed into pre-existing files. Many of them are prefixed with the package namespace.

There is special coding in DIFROM to bundle and install data sent from the HELP FRAME, BULLETIN, OPTION, INPUT TEMPLATE, etc., files. For example, DIFROM resolves pointers for these files. (It does not resolve pointers for data sent for other files in an init.) To resolve pointers, DIFROM replaces, in the init routines, a pointer to another file with the pointer's external value. When the data is installed at the target site, the init routines use this external value for a lookup in the B cross-reference of the pointed-to file. When the corresponding entry number is found, the external value is replaced with this entry number as the new pointer value. In this way, the values of pointer fields are correct for the data brought in by the init.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007