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Preparing To Run DIFROM

DIFROM simply creates routines, "init routines." DIFROM names routines by appending INI* or I### to the package namespace (for example, nmspI005 or nmspINI1). It will overwrite any like-named routines. Except for replacing routines with the same name, DIFROM is nondestructive and, unlike the init installation process, neither changes nor destroys data. The DIFROM user should ensure that there is sufficient disk space to hold the init routines DIFROM creates.

CAUTION: Remember that, beginning with Kernel V. 8.0, DIFROM has been superceded by KIDS (Kernel Installation and Distribution System) for the function of transferring software packages from one VA FileMan environment to another. DIFROM can still be used for the time being for the purpose of package export between FileMan systems where Kernel has not been installed. VA FileMan developers are no longer enhancing DIFROM and, in FileMan V. 22.0, any new-style indexes and keys added to a file will NOT be transported by DIFROM.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007