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Running DIFROM (1-17)

Running DIFROM is an interactive process. Prompts are presented to which the developer responds. The dialog is described in the topics that follow. In addition, the internal workings of the DIFROM process are detailed. The different parts of running DIFROM are shown in the order in which they occur.

  1. Starting DIFROM

  2. Preliminary Validations

  3. Package Identification

  4. Identifying the Init Routines

  5. Specifications for Exported Files

  6. Entering Current Version Information

  7. Including Templates (No Package File Entry)

  8. Including Other Package Components

  9. Exporting File Security

  10. Specifying Routine Size

  11. DIFROM Gathers Miscellaneous Package Components

  12. DIFROM Builds Routines Containing Data Dictionaries

  13. DIFROM Builds Routines Containing Data Values

  14. DIFROM Builds Routines Containing Security Access Codes

  15. DIFROM Gathers Templates and Forms

  16. DIFROM Completes Building Routines of Package Components

  17. DIFROM Completes the Code that Runs the Init


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007