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DIFROM: Running an INIT (1-16)

A package is installed on the target system by "running the init" for the package. Here, the process for installing a package from inits is described in the order in which it occurs.

  1. Preliminary Steps

  2. Check of Version Number

  3. Running Environment Check Routine (DIFROM and DIFQ Variables)

  4. Determining Install Status of DDs and Data

  5. Determining Install Status of Security Codes

  6. Determining Install Status of Other Package Components

  7. Starting the Update

  8. Running the Pre-init After User Commit Routine

  9. Installing Data Dictionaries

  10. Installing Data

  11. Reindexing the Files

  12. Installing Other Package Components

  13. General Processing

  14. Special Processing

  15. Running the Post-Initialization

  16. Recording the Install on the Target System


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007