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Running an Init on Target System (13 of 16)

General Processing

The general process used for installing each of the package components is described here. Component-specific special processing is described following this section.

The init reads the name of the incoming entry from the ^UTILITY global and searches for a matching name in the relevant file's B cross-reference. The cross-reference for the HELP FRAME file (#9.2), for example, looks like this:


If an exact match is not found, the incoming entry is considered new and is added as a new file entry. If an exact match is found, Special Processing is done. Each different type of entry has its own special processing. Unless noted in the special processing, the entire matching old entry is deleted from the target system before the new entry is installed.

For either new or replaced entries, other Special Processing, such as resolving pointers, is done for each different type of entry.

Finally, all cross-references on the new or replaced entry are reindexed (SET logic only).

NOTE: Not all files are reindexed.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007