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Running an Init on Target System (15 of 16)

Running the Post-Initialization Routine

At the developer's discretion, there may be a routine identified in the POST-INITIALIZATION ROUTINE field in the Package file. This routine is written by the package developers and provides added capability which is not possible within the init routines alone.

If the developer has included a POST-INITIALIZATION ROUTINE in the init, it is run now.

The POST-INITIALIZATION ROUTINE may be used to do cleanup after all of the other components contained in the init have been installed. For example, it might delete obsolete OPTIONS and update Option file pointers, check the status of such things as file protection, or issue some additional information to the installer. It might also do some sort of data conversion. For example, the routine might move some old data to a new location in a file to match a changed data dictionary.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007