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ScreenMan Forms

The DDSBR Variable

ScreenMan allows you to branch the user to a field under conditions you specify. You can do this by defining M code in the Branching Logic, Pre Action, Post Action, and Post Action on Change properties at the field level, and at the Data Validation property at the form level. The M code can set the local variable DDSBR to a value that defines the location of the field to which you wish to take the user.

DDSBR has the following format:

   DDSBR=Field id^Block id^Page id


For example,


would take the user to the field with unique name or caption "FIELD 1" on the block named "BLOCK 1" on the page named "PAGE 2", if the internal value of the field equals "Y".

ScreenMan assumes values for any of the ^-pieces of DDSBR that are empty, as illustrated in the following table:

Assumptions When Pieces of DDSBR Are Null
If DDSBR is set to: ScreenMan assumes:
Field id Current block and current page
Field id^Block id Current page
Field id^^Page id Current block
^Block id Field with lowest Field Order, current page
^Block id^Page id Field with lowest Field Order
^^Page id Field with lowest Field Order, Block with lowest Block Order

To branch the user to the Command Line, DDSBR takes the following format:



Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007