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ScreenMan Forms

Form Properties

Form Name

(Required) This is the .01 field of the FORM file (#.403). Form Names should be namespaced.


The Title property can be used by the form designer to help identify a form. It is cross-referenced and need not be unique. ScreenMan does not automatically display the Title to the user, but the form designer can choose to create a caption-only field that displays the Title to the user.

Pre Action and Post Action

The Pre Action property is M code that is executed when the form is first invoked, before any of the pages are loaded and displayed. The Post Action property is M code that is executed before ScreenMan returns to the calling application.

Data Validation

This is M code that is executed when the user attempts to save changes to the form. If the code sets DDSERROR, the user is unable to save changes. If the code sets DDSBR, the user is taken to the specified field.

In addition to $$GET^DDSVAL, PUT^DDSVAL, $$GET^DDSVALF, PUT^DDSVALF, and HLP^DDSUTL, you can use MSG^DDSUTL to print on a separate screen messages to the user about the validity of the data.

Post Save

This is M code that is executed when the user saves changes. It is executed only if all data is valid, and after all data has been filed.

Record Selection Page

If you define a Record Selection Page, the user can select another entry in the file, and, if LAYGO is allowed, add another entry into the file without exiting the form. The Record Selection Page should be a pop-up page, and the first field on that page is a pointer-type form-only field. The file specified in the Qualifiers property of the form-only field should be the Primary File of the form. The Record Selection Page property should be set equal to the Page Number of the Record Selection Page.

The user can open the Record Selection Page by pressing <PF1>L. After the user selects a record and closes the Record Selection Page, the data for the selected record is displayed.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007