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ScreenMan API


You can use this entry point only within a ScreenMan form, in all places where M code can be placed on the form.

This procedure changes the REQUIRED property of a field on the form.

Input Variables

(Required) The Field Order number, Caption, or Unique Name of the field.


(Required at the page and form levels) The Block Order or Block Name. The default is the current block.


(Required at the form level) The Page Number or Page Name. The default is the current page.


(Required) The value to give the REQUIRED property, listed as follows:

"" Restore the REQUIRED property to the value defined in the BLOCK file.
0 Make the field not required.
1 Make the field required.

(Required at the page and form levels) The standard IENS that identifies the entry or subentry associated with the form-only field. The default is the current entry or subentry. For a detailed description of IENS, see "IENS - A New Way to Identify Entries and Subentries" in the Introduction to the "Database Server (DBS) API" chapter.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007