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Download the VA FileMan Getting Started Manual

This manual is maintained and updated on the System Design & Development (SD&D) Web server. If you can connect to this server through TCP/IP, it's probably best to access this manual directly on the SD&D Web server - this way, you'll always access the latest, updated version of the information in the manual.

However, you may want to use this manual in an environment where you can't connect to the SD&D Web server. We are providing a zipped version of the manual so that it can be downloaded for use on other computers.

Installation Instructions

  1. This manual is designed for systems that support long filenames (i.e., names longer than the traditional DOS "8.3" naming restrictions).

  2. When you download the ZIP file, you should create a separate directory for the manual and unzip the ZIP file in the separate directory. Once unzipped, the "Table of Contents" page is INDEX.ASP.

  3. If you are downloading other manuals in the VA FileMan documentation set as well, set up a directory structure on the target disk, as follows:
            ....\pm\ (for Programmer Manual)
            ....\u1\ (for Getting Started Manual)
            ....\u2\ (for Advanced User Manual)
    The " ...." represents any directory path of your choosing, as long as the directories are placed at the same directory level. Unpack each manual in the appropriate directory. This enables cross-manual hyperlinks to work.

  4. Download FM22_0GS.ZIP now.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007