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Word-processing Fields

Choice of Word-processing Editors

WORD-PROCESSING-type fields are typically used so that you can write, edit, and format text for letters and reports, text information in patient records, electronic MailMan messages, application packages, responses, and so on.

VA FileMan provides two editors for WORD-PROCESSING fields: the Line Editor and the Screen Editor. Your system manager may provide other editors as well. Examples of Alternate Editors include: LetterMan and the Extensible Editor.

You can select any of the available editors on the system as your Preferred Editor. If you select a Preferred Editor, that editor will be used whenever you edit a WORD-PROCESSING field. If you don't choose a Preferred Editor, the following defaults are used:

How to Select Your Preferred Editor
  1. At any menu prompt, enter "TBOX" to go to the User's Toolbox menu.

  2. Choose the Edit User Characteristics option from the User's Toolbox menu.

  3. At the "Select TERMINAL TYPE NAME: " prompt, you can usually just accept the default by pressing the Enter/Return key ().

  4. You are now placed in a ScreenMan form where you can edit your user characteristics. Press <ArrowDown> until your cursor arrives at the "PREFERRED EDITOR:" prompt.

  5. At the "PREFERRED EDITOR:" prompt, you can choose your Preferred Editor. Enter two question marks ("??") to get a list of the available editors on your system. Choose one as your Preferred Editor and then press the Enter/Return key (). The Screen Editor is usually a good choice.

  6. Press <PF1>E to exit the ScreenMan form. If you are asked whether to save changes before leaving the form, answer YES.

Your Preferred Editor should now be set to the editor you've chosen. This is the editor that will be used whenever you edit the contents of a WORD-PROCESSING field.

Switching to Another Editor While Editing

Selecting your default editor determines which editor is used whenever you edit a WORD-PROCESSING field. However, if you want to temporarily switch to another editor once you've started editing, both the Screen Editor and the Line Editor allow you to do this:

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Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007