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NOTE: To use VA FileMan's archiving procedure, Kernel V. 6.5 or later must be installed on your system. To use the Find Archived Records option to retrieve records archived with VA FileMan versions earlier than V. 20.0, Kernel V. 7.1 or later must be installed on your system.

In general computer terms, archiving is a procedure that permits you to remove data from an online database and place that data into a low-cost storage medium, such as magnetic tape, for long-term retention.

NOTE: Archiving in VA FileMan is a complete purge that simply clears data from your system. In other words, no data restoration is provided! However, there is a data retrieval option.

This facility is a prototype and supported only as a developer's tool. You must access your archiving options directly through VA FileMan from programmer mode (e.g., >D Q^DI).

VA FileMan performs the archiving function by searching through file entries using specified criteria, extracting and transporting the selected entries by filegrams to temporary storage in the ARCHIVAL ACTIVITY file (#1.11), and then simply writing the data to permanent storage. The FILEGRAM-type template used to transport an archive activity can be created during the archiving session (in the Archiving menu options), or an existing FILEGRAM-type template created using the Filegram options can be used.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007