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Data Security

Protection for Templates

When you create an INPUT, SORT, or PRINT template, your Access Code is assigned to that template for READ access and WRITE access. Anyone else subsequently using the template must have a code that has a character in common with the template's READ access. Anyone who is allowed to change the template must have a code with a character in common with the template's WRITE access. When the template is changed, these Access Codes can also be changed.

Print the PRINT TEMPLATE file (#.4), the SORT TEMPLATE file (#.401), and the INPUT TEMPLATE file (#.402) to display the READ access and WRITE access fields for templates.

Every user on the system has a user number. This number is sometimes called the DUZ, because it is stored in the local variable DUZ. The user number is the internal entry number in the NEW PERSON file (#200), if Kernel is installed. VA FileMan uses the user number for security for SEARCH templates. When a SEARCH template is created, it is assigned the DUZ of its creator. Only someone with that DUZ can use the template. You can change the assigned USER # with the Template Edit option. If the USER # is deleted, everyone can use the SEARCH template.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007