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Import and Export Tools

About EXPORT Templates

The Export Tool uses two types of templates: the EXPORT FIELDS template (created in Step 2) and the EXPORT template (created in Step 3). These templates are variations on standard PRINT templates. They are stored in the PRINT TEMPLATE file (#.4) and are sometimes referred to as PRINT templates in the user dialogue. Although similar to PRINT templates, they do differ in important respects. For example, you cannot compile either of the Export Tool's templates.

You can delete these templates as soon as they are used if you wish. Also, both kinds of templates can be deleted using the Template Edit option on the Utility Functions submenu. In addition, you can delete an EXPORT FIELDS template by choosing the template within the Select Fields for Export option, editing it, and putting an at-sign ("@") at the "NAME:" prompt. Do not delete an EXPORT template before a queued export has been completed.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007