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Extract Tool


To learn about the status of an extract activity you can enter a question mark at most of the prompts in the Extract Tool options. Using the Inquire to File Entries option on the ARCHIVAL ACTIVITY file (#1.11) will yield information about past or pending activities. Those activities created by the Extract Tool are referred to as extract activities. The amount of information displayed depends on the status of the extract activity. The ARCHIVAL ACTIVITY file contains the following information:

For VA FileMan V. 20.0 and later, the ARCHIVAL ACTIVITY file contains data about both archiving and extract activities. A file can have only one active activity at a time -- either an archiving activity or an extract activity. You can only select an extract activity from the Extract Tool options. When you use the Inquire to File Entries option, the word EXTRACT will appear for all extract activities.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007