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Destination File

The term "destination file" represents the VA FileMan file that stores the extracted data. The destination file can be located anywhere on the network that is recognized by the system. To create this file, you select either of two VA FileMan options: Modify File Attributes or the Extract Tool's Modify Destination File.

For each extract field in the source file, a corresponding field in the destination file must exist. Certain Data Types can optionally be resolved to external form before moving the data to the destination file. For example, data extracted from a POINTER TO A FILE DATA TYPE field can be moved to a FREE TEXT-type field in the destination file, if external form of data is moved; or such data can be moved to a NUMERIC-type field, if the internal value is moved (see the "Mapping Information" topic in this manual).

The destination file uses a file level attribute called ARCHIVE FILE. The following is a description of this flag:

If you need to update an archive file's data dictionary, you must convert the old data to the new data dictionary format.

Updates to an archive file will be allowed only through the extract option, Update Destination File option, or through the programmer entry point EXTRACT^DIAXU (see the "VA FileMan Programmer Manual" for details).

Only Regular, KWIC, and Soundex-type cross-references are recommended for archive files. No other types of cross-references should be created.

If you are building a destination file that will store archived data, set the ARCHIVE FILE flag to YES (do this with the Modify Destination File option). Setting the ARCHIVE FILE flag to YES prevents users from modifying or deleting the data in the file or the file's data dictionary while using VA FileMan options or programmer calls. Users are also prevented from deleting file entries while using VA FileMan options or programmer calls.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007