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Install/Verify Filegram Option

The filegram recipient uses the Install/Verify Filegram option to install a filegram from a MailMan message into a file on the target system. Choose a filegram history by entering its date/time or by using a <Spacebar><Return> (for the last used history) at the "Select FILEGRAM HISTORY:" prompt. The destination file for the filegram entry must be in place on the target system for a successful installation!

WARNING: The installation will more likely succeed if the destination file is a replica of the sending file.

The message "DONE" is displayed if the install was successful. If not successful, an UNSUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION message is returned with an error code.

NOTE: The "^DIFG" topic in the "Filegrams API" chapter in the "Other APIs" section in the "VA FileMan Programmer Manual" contains a list of error codes identifying their meaning.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007