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Format: BETWEEN(n1,n2,n3)

n1, n2, and n3 are numbers or numeric expressions:

  • n1 is the number being tested.

  • n2 is one limit for the test.

  • n3 is the other limit for the test.

Use: This Boolean function determines if n1 is within the limits defined by n2 and n3. If n1 is within this range, a value of 1 (true) is returned; otherwise, 0 (false) is returned. If n1 equals n2 or n3, 1 (true) is returned.

BETWEEN(OCCURRENCES,5,10)=> 0 [OCCURRENCES is a field with value=3]

BETWEEN(-3,-10,0)=> 1


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007